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all the big moments, and the little ones too.

Horses are a huge part of our lives - one moment you may want to rip your hair out in frustration and then the next you're kissing your best pal on the nose because you love your four legged fur baby with all your heart. I am here to capture that bond - I am more than just your personal show photographer ... I am your personal memory preserver. Moments are fleeting and timing is everything. As a life long equestrian and a photographer with over 10 years of professional equine photography experience it is my mission to give you the best customer experience possible by delivering a product unlike any you have received before. I utilize various techniques and styles to capture your show day from start to finish for an assortment of vibrant, captivating, and unique set of images customized to YOU.

To be a jwp private client i must obtain approval from show management priot to attending your show.

weekly client

weekly client