Meet peter + Buddy

Peter, a Lab Mix, is a energetic and lovable ball of energy with white paws and small patch on his chest. He was found wandering the streets of Arkansas before being adopted by his forever Mom.

Buddy is a Dachshund who was rescued from Chicago a few years ago and found his way to his forever Mom. Buddy LOVES to camera and knows his angles very well.

Peter + Buddy looked very dashing wearing matching Christmas bowties. I thought they looked very handsome : )

Peter + Buddy were the first applicants out of a very large pool of dogs that is now going to be a personal project I am taking on this year that I am titling "Dogs of Waterford". Be sure to give me a Follow on Instagram @Jesswindhurst or on Facebook @JessWindhurstPhotography to stay up to date about this Project. I am so excited to meet all of the dogs who applied and will do my absolute best to get to each and every one of you as my schedule allows.