2022 Job Contract Opportunities

Here at Jess Windhurst Photography we are obsessed with two things: horses and photography. In 2022, we have several large shows that we will be traveling to throughout the east coast and will have a few different job contract opportunities available. If you think you'd be a good fit for either listing at JWP please fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Second Shooter/Photographer

Responsible for photographing your assigned ring for the day.

• must have working DSLR/mirorless camera knowledge

• your own gear is not necessary, however it is preferred if of professional grade

• must be able to withstand lifting 25 pounds (equivalent to weight of camera)

• must possess a current portfolio

• pay is dependent on experience

Booth/Computer Admin

Responsible for interacting with clients as they come & go into the booth. Completing orders & checking out customers that come into booth during the day. Sorting photos from the day from the photographers. Running errands if needed around horse show. All encompassing.

• must have active knowledge of Mac UI

• must have comprehensive knowledge of Photoshop

• would prefer someone who has had a background in customer service facing industry however not necessary

• knowledge of horses

• knowledge of Microsoft Office

• pay is dependent on experience